Choosing Cellular Shades in Springfield Illinois

Choosing Cellular Shades in Springfield Illinois

cellular shadesIf you are thinking about purchasing Hunter Douglas window fashions in Springfield, Illinois, you will want to include honeycomb shades in your list of options. Named for their honey-comb-shaped cells, these shades will work well in any room of your home. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which cellular shades to purchase.

Window Treatment Orientation

Not only can you get honeycomb shades for your standard windows, many styles are available with vertical cells, which makes them ideal for sliding glass doors. With Vertiglide, your vertical blinds are easy to open and close, even without cords or wands.


If you live on a busy street or in close proximity to your neighbors, you will probably want your window treatments to provide some privacy. Because honeycomb shades are solid, all styles offer privacy to a certain extent. However, if you don’t want people outside your home to even be able to see silhouettes or shadows inside, you will want to select a more opaque material for your shades. If outside noise is an issue, consider a double- or tripe-celled shade which are quite effective for reducing noise and improving the acoustics of a room.

Light control

Similar to the privacy issue, different materials let in different amounts of light. Those who prefer a fairly dark room when their shades are down need to look for a shade with a “Privacy & Light Control” rating of 4 or 5. If you have your heart set on a certain fabric that isn’t very opaque, add a room-darkening layer inside the cells of your honeycomb or cellular shades. For those who like a lot of light, but not the UV rays that come with it, an Illumicell® shade has an inner lining that is clear, which allows more light to show through.

Energy efficiency

The cellular design of these shades make them incredibly energy-efficient, which comes in handy during our warm Springfield summers and cold, blustery winters. For the most efficiency, look at Applause® honeycomb shades with a triple layer of cells, or Trielle®, which has an amazing 6 layers of fabric in each cell.

Operating Systems

While traditional corded operating systems are available, there are a variety of other ways to open and close your cellular shades.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up – This system allows you to open your cellular shades from the top or bottom, so if you like the natural light but want privacy while you’re sitting on the couch, you can open your shades at the top and leave the bottom closed.

Skylift® – Honeycomb shades are perfect for skylights, except when they’re too high to open or close. Skylift solves this problem with a hand crank or telescoping pole mounted within reach.

Ultraglide® – This system uses the familiar cord to raise and lower your shade, but the cord is retractable, so it stays the same length regardless of the shade’s position.

LiteRise® – If you prefer not to have cords at all, try LiteRise. Shades with this system are pushed or pulled from the bottom to move them up or down.

Motorized operating systems – Hunter Douglas also offers a variety of motorized operating systems for honeycomb shades. You can adjust your blinds using a handheld or wall-mounted remote, your mobile device, or your whole-house automation system.

If you’d like more information about selecting cellular shades in Springfield, Jacksonville and the surrounding Illinois areas, come see us at House to a Home Interiors or call us to set up an in-house consultation.