Creative Ways to Hang Plantation Shutters

Creative Ways to Hang Plantation Shutters


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Plantation shutters are not just for exterior windows anymore. With their clean lines and ageless look they offer endless design possibilities not only as window treatments but so much more. With our wide assortment of Hunter Douglas window fashions in Springfield IL our experts at House to a Home Interiors can help you explore all of the options from room dividers, coverings for passages and openings, installing them halfway (café style), to many other unique ideas to accent the décor of your home.

Versatile Shutter Operating Systems

With so many ways to install them, the various operating systems for shutters allow you to hang them in many different ways for all of your design needs.

  • The Bi-fold track system lets you use up to 6 panels. They are hinged together and then connected at the top to the rack that guides and supports the folding movement of the shutters.
  • The By-Pass Track System lets the panels of the shutters slide past each other through the top rack. This allows you to open and close your windows with ease.
  • The Hinged Panel system has the shutter panels hinged together and to the frames of the windows. You can use a T-post in the center for more possibilities.

These operating systems for shutters allow versatility when you are using Plantation Shutters in your designated space. The ideas are endless.

Using Shutters to Accent French Doors

Use plantation shutters around French Doors for some added color to your patio, porch or entrance. They provide a durable, stationary window accent for these areas unlike shades, curtains or blinds. Bold colors and unique designs can create an eye-catching statement while allowing you to control the amount of sunlight that comes through your doors.

Room Partitions

Plantation shutters can allow you to divide a large spacious area that may feel too open by using them as a room divider. This simple, effective solution can create a more cozy area in the same environment. There is no need to build an expensive wall when you can simply install Plantation Shutters to divide and define a new space. Whether it is in your dining room, kitchen or home office using Plantation shutters as room dividers can provide your home with a modern feel.

Covering Accent Windows

Odd shaped windows can provide a challenge when it comes to window treatments. Using Plantation shutters to cover oval or round accent windows can be an excellent solution. They can create a stylish and practical window treatment for the windows found in hallways, bathrooms and entryways providing coverage to keep your home private.

Plantation Shutter Closet Doors 

Another unique use for Plantation Shutters is to use them in place of your closet doors. Replacing standard closet doors with Plantation Shutters can create an open, airy feel to any room.   By closing the shutter’s louvers you can protect the contents of your closet from any unwanted sunrays.

No matter how you use Plantation Shutters to decorate your home, the diverse operating systems available will provide your home with a functional, design element for the family to enjoy. Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters are so versatile making them an excellent choice for any decorating project or renovation in your home. For help with Plantation Shutters in Springfield Illinois or any other window treatments contact us at House to a Home Interiors.